Sigrid of the Thorn Figure (Embrace Japan) WARNING: NUDITY

When I first saw this figure I absolutely loved the base she came with. Her pose was “meh, ” and I honestly couldn’t care less she is a cast-off (meaning removable clothing) figure. However, I was severely disappointed with her! She has so much sodding potential it hurts. Her paint job is lackluster, especially her skin tone. I adore the base she comes with; the swamp with vegetation and animals is so freaking rad! I do like her witches outfit, but therein lies the biggest problem. The pieces DON’T FIT! I had the hardest time even getting the clothes to stay on her freaking body, and they still pop off occasionally. She even looks terrible with her clothes off because her skin has black from the dress all over it. If she weren’t a cast-off figure, I believe she would be 100% better. This is currently the only cast-off figure I own, and I am not too horribly impressed. I will keep her for now, but mostly because I love her base and the whole witch theme going on.


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