Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Labyrinth holds a special place in my heart. Having grown up with it, it has plenty of nostalgic value. Jennifer Connelly was also my first crush ever. It holds up today as a fantastic fantasy movie with a memorable soundtrack, and of course David Bowie. When I first saw this 30th Anniversary edition, I knew I needed it. It doesn’t disappoint; the strange box case is fun as well – it has an optical illusion where Bowie disappears if you look at it from one side. The booklet containing the disc is also fantastic. The Blu-ray is gorgeous; I was blown away with how good the transfer to HD looks. All in all, this is a must have for any hardcore Labyrinth fans. I will always love this movie.

Here is a link to a preview of the booklet:

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